My Teaching Experience

I taught third grade and fifth grade for a combined 14 years in Texas, Florida, and at an international school in China.

Before entering the education world, I majored in journalism. I spent most of my college years writing about sports for my college and local newspapers. Then I decided to become a teacher because I wanted to work with children.

My favorite part of teaching was seeing kids enjoy quality literature. I loved using novels and high-interest nonfiction reading materials to teach reading standards.  Kids perform much better during reading class when they are reading quality, engaging literature. That’s a big reason why I decided to write hundreds of nonfiction passages for students in grades 1-6. I have written passages on a wide range of reading levels to help teachers differentiate to meet their students’ needs.

My experience in journalism and teaching gives me the ability to write quality, engaging nonfiction passages about famous athletes.  I can also create rigorous, standards-based activities to accompany them.  I’ve also been a huge sports fan my whole life, so I’m always thinking about athletes who I could write about.